Financial Courier Services

Bank Deposits

When you're busy building your business, finding the time to leave to bring your deposits to the bank can be challenging, time consuming and costly. That's why 'MC' Dispatch can offer a professional courier for your banking deposits for all your business accounts.

For any business it is critical that all your banking needs are taken care of. 'MC' Dispatch can ensure that your bank deposits are done securely and efficiently. With our insured, bonded, and reliable couriers we can assist you, as we have been doing this for 45 years. Whether you require a courier to do your bank deposits every day, once a week or even just once a month, with this service, we will safely and securely do your bank deposits, then return the deposit slip the same day when required.

Here's how it works with two options for you.

On-Call Banking

Your office can contact us by telephone, or just place an order online to request a courier on an on-call basis. This option is good for companies that don't have a scheduled day that deposits are require.

Scheduled Banking

Your office can arrange scheduled days and times for our courier to come to your office and pick up your banking deposit. This can be advantageous, if you have deposits often, as you no longer need to worry about it. 'MC' Dispatch will take care of it for you.

On the day and time that you requested one of our professional and experienced couriers, will pick up your bank deposit and deliver it to your bank/s for processing. We will even return your deposit slips on the same day if requested.

Cheque Certifications

In business there are many times that large sums of money are transferred for business transactions. When this occurs it is normally a requirement for the party to have the cheque certified.

  • Purchasing a home? Need to put down a down payment to purchase a home? You will be required to get a cheque certified.
  • Purchasing a business? Need to put down a down payment to purchase a home? You will be required to get a cheque certified.
  • Gifting a sum of money from one's estate? You should have the funds certified.
  • Receiving a Settlement? You will want the funds to be certified.

Businesses and people like to obtain certified cheques for many reasons.

  • Certifying a cheque eliminates hassles of having to wait to receive your funds.
  • Certifying a cheque confirms the funds are good and available at the time of certification.
  • Certifying a cheque confirms that the bank will set aside these funds for the certified cheque;
  • 'MC' Dispatch can take care of this encumber some task for you and ensure each person is satisfied with the transaction. 'MC' Dispatch will secure the transaction and ensure that the requirements of obtaining a certified cheque is done securely and safely. We will go to the bank for you, have the certified and return it to you.

Transactions are very time sensitive and 'MC' Dispatch will meet your deadlines every time.

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