MC Dispatch's courier software improves productivity and efficiency

MC Dispatch's Courier Software improves productivity and efficiency by automating all front-office, dispatch, in-field and back-office processes with signature capture, GPS tracking, Geo Fencing Verification and immediate electronic Proof of Delivery. Our highly efficient delivery system connects the office to the field with mobile, web and server-side technologies to get the job done in less time and with less effort while providing real-time insight into all operations.

Customers, Shippers & Clients:

Let customers track their shipments and enter their orders online, freeing up your staff and greatly improving their productivity.

  • Customer Web Portal: Online order entry, Status and proof of delivery.
  • Location and Contact Management: Each customer has their own address book, capable of tracking multiple locations and their associated contacts. Information is entered once and can be quickly selected in the future.
  • Real-time Tracking and Tracing: Allows customers to view, status, driver information complete with immediate electronic proof of delivery and recipient signatures all in real-time.
  • Automatic account Up Dates: Send notifications of pickups and deliveries as they happen. The notifications include date and time stamps, packages delivered, rejected deliveries, photos of damage and electronic signatures.
  • Flexible and Immediate: Pricing is calculated before a delivery is confirmed, so you can be confident in the price you are paying.
MC Dispatch's courier software MC Dispatch's courier software

Dispatching & Order Entry Personnel:

Create orders, track drivers and shipments in real-time. View all delivery locations and stay in constant contact with your drivers. Everything is automated, so dispatching is made incredibly simple yet powerful.

  • Calendaring and Unassigned Orders: Orders are color-coded by status, and unassigned orders are flagged for dispatcher attention. Dispatchers can use the drag and drop to view all driver schedules and assign or reassign orders.
  • Real-time GPS Tracking and Tracing: Built-in GPS tracking provides real-time info on every drivers' location. Our company messaging feature allows drivers to stay up-to-date on the latest company information. Turn by-turn directions are built-in, making the day's destinations easy to find.
  • Customer Management & Order Entry: Spare dispatchers the hassle of looking up, remembering and entering complex customer info - once a customer is set up in the system, all customer information is handled automatically, securely and is available to dispatchers at the push of a button.
MC Dispatch's courier software MC Dispatch's courier software MC Dispatch's courier software

Drivers and Field Personnel:

Eliminate the hassles associated with keeping up with paperwork, endless phone calls, and wasted time making trips back into the office. Our delivery software is extremely powerful, easy to-use, and ensures your drivers always have accurate information.

  • Finger-friendly with Gesture Support: Our apps are carefully built for finger-based input and gesture support, not only making drivers' lives easier but also ensuring greater speed of entry with fewer mistakes.
  • Signature Capture, Photos: A picture is worth a thousand words - drivers can take a picture of a package and collect a signature upon delivery, proving their drop location was accurate, also verified by GPS authentication
  • Automated POD Entry: Automatically generate your electronic proof of delivery report with signatures, timestamps, GPS location data, and photographs embedded in the document.
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Owners, Management, Administration:

Give your management team to access critical information from anywhere so they can address issues before they become problems.

  • Customer Management: Tracks and stores all pertinent customer & account information, rates, methods, contacts, locations, etc. Automatically generates and sends invoices to accelerate cash flow.
  • Real-time Tracking & Tracing: Real-time GPS information for every customer, driver, and shipment.
  • QuickBooks Integration & Payroll Automation: seamlessly integrates with any accounting software; automates commissions/rates and payroll calculation.
  • Management Web Portal & Reporting: Provides your team with access to critical information from anywhere, detailed proof of delivery information including photos of any damage, and generates real-time reports.
  • Customized Daily Reports for your most valuable customers
MC Dispatch's courier software MC Dispatch's courier software MC Dispatch's courier software

Features & Benefits of Our Shipping App/Software

  • Pick up email notifications of your freight shipments
  • Delivery confirmation of your freight shipments
  • Proof of delivery emailed to you directly
  • Simplified and detailed invoicing for shipments
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