Hot Shot Services

'MC' Dispatch knows that your Hot Shot Delivery services need to be managed

'MC' Dispatch knows that your Hot Shot Delivery services need to be managed by a company that is experienced, dependable, honest, reliable and fully equipped to handle your items/s no matter where or when it needs to be delivered. Our 45 years of experience with Hot Shot Services enables us to bring you the vast network of resources to make every hot shot delivery a complete success for you and your clients. We hope to add you to our list of satisfied clients. When urgency dictates your Hot Shot service needs, place your trust in 'MC' Dispatch, the company that provides these solutions every day of the year.

'MC' Dispatch is proud to provide the most consistent, fast and effective Hot Shot Delivery services across the entire province. We can help you with all of your urgent delivery requirements, from urgent documents to pallets of product, we'll make sure that your freight gets to its destination on-time, every time. Our years of experience in the courier service gives us a unique understanding of your hot shot delivery needs and with that deep experience we always bring the results that matter.

Our Hot Shot Delivery services apply to all locations across Alberta, and we offer same-day service to Calgary and next-day service to Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray. Take advantage of our comprehensive capabilities which we can accommodate. We believe in our client's need for accurate and reliable services that bring success and will always work with you and your schedule to handle all Time-Sensitive Freight; whether you need it picked-up, held or shipped. Trust us to bring our network of excellence to your hot shot delivery needs.

Next Flight Out (NFO) Services

Delivery by 'MC' Dispatch redefines same day package delivery. By utilizing our partner courier major airlines, 'MC' Dispatch gets your time-sensitive packages on the very next flight out and in your customer's hands as soon as possible.

Small or large packages, several or few, 'MC' Dispatch's team of Next Flight Out specialists will determine the most appropriate flight for your cross-country delivery needs. Therefore, if your package has to get there as fast as possible, let 'MC' Dispatch get it delivered on the Next Flight Out.

Either a 'MC' Dispatch courier or a partner courier company of ours will pick up the package from the specified location and drop it off at the proper airline terminal for the Next Flight Out. Upon arrival one of our partner couriers will pick up the package from the airport and deliver it to its final destination. 'MC' Dispatch will have all of this done for you, while maintaining on-time delivery service and economical Next Flight Out rates.

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