Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services fixed-pricing?

Our pricing page displays starting rates. Many factors can affect our rates, therefore nothing is guaranteed until we have determined all factors related to each delivery and have quoted you directly.

How long has 'MC' Dispatch been in business?

'MC' Dispatch is a locally owned courier company servicing Edmonton and surrounding areas since 1976, over 45 years.

Why choose 'MC' Dispatch to be your preferred Courier?

'MC' Dispatch has been in business for over 45 years. We offer reliability that protects your reputation. We are a leader in the Courier industry in Alberta and provide superior service with economical rates. Our Drivers, Bikers and Walkers have a combined of over 400 years of experience, we are fully insured, bonded, organized and ensure our customers are always satisfied. We are friendly people who are happy to help everyone.

Is 'MC' Dispatch and the owner operators insured and bonded?

'MC' Dispatch and all the owner operators are fully insured with Commercial, Liability and Cargo Insurance. Along with those insurances 'MC' Dispatch's employees and owner operators have WCB insurance.

What type of service does 'MC' Dispatch provide to their customers?


'MC' Dispatch is a same day/on demand courier and messenger company. We deliver envelopes, confidential documents, packages, file boxes, even skids of products to locations in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Whether you need a delivery down the block, across the city or to a destination in another town or city, our insured, experienced, and delivery professionals will get your product/s where they need to go.


We offer scheduled deliveries for specified times that each deliver is required. Whether you require a schedule delivery completed daily, weekly, or monthly, we will assist you.


We offer financial services for your banking services, bank deposits, cheque certifications, we will even deliver your mail for you.


'MC' Dispatch provides confidential, insured, deliver services for all legal firms. We specialize in also providing court filing document services and searches.


'MC' Dispatch provides quick courier services to the Land Titles office, searches and along with all Crown Prosecution offices.


'MC' Dispatch provides deliver service 24 hours a day across the province. If you require documents, parcels, boxes, or even pallets of product shipped urgently to any location within Alberta, we provide that service. 'MC' Dispatch also provides deliver service 24 hours a day with Next Flight Out services. Time sensitive, professional and insured services we will offer to have your product/s on the next available flight out. Then our partner courier will ensure that the product/s are delivered to their final destination.


'MC' Dispatch provides daily province wide deliveries. We will deliver your product/s to such places like, Athabasca, Airdrie, Camrose, Calgary, Edson, Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie, High Prairie, Lloydminster, Mayorthorpe, Peace River, Red Deer, and Whitecourt. Alongside of providing transportation of your product/s to various locations we offer a facility specifically dedicated to general warehousing. This service is when 'MC' Dispatch will hold onto your products in our multi-used facility alongside products from other clients of ours.

What type of items does 'MC' Dispatch delivery for their customers?

'MC' Dispatch will deliver anything from an envelope, parcels, a skid of items, medical supplies, a dozen of cupcakes, a bouquet of flowers to computers. You need it delivered 'MC' Dispatch will take care of it for you.

Are there any items that 'MC' Dispatch can't deliver?

The only item/s that 'MC' Dispatch is unable to deliver for their customer's is any product that is considered dangerous goods.

Do I need to have an account with 'MC' Dispatch to use your services?

No, everyone is welcome to use our services. 'MC' Dispatch will provide service to everyone who requires the service and there is no requirement to set up an account. Whether you need to use our services once or a hundred times, you are not required to setup an account.

Who can setup an Account with 'MC' Dispatch?

'MC' Dispatch will allow anyone to setup an account. All that is required is a Business Information Form to be is completed and returned to our office. Upon receiving it back our friendly accounting department will have you entered into our secured software system, wherein you are now set-up on account.

How fast can 'MC' Dispatch deliver my item with same day/on demand service?

'MC' Dispatch has many service levels that can accommodate everyone in regards to how quickly you require your item to arrive at its destination. We can have your item arrive to its destination as fast as 15 minutes, or if you're not in a hurry it could be scheduled to arrive within 4 hours.

Does 'MC' Dispatch provide affordable rates?

'MC' Dispatch provides a very economical solution for all their customer's. Typically, there are two main factors that determine the the rate. The distance in which our professional courier has to transport the item/s and the time frame in which the customer requires the items to arrive at the location. We are a very economical courier company that has a starting rate as low as $13.50 for city wide deliveries.

Are your rates for scheduled deliveries to other towns and cities in Alberta affordable?

'MC' Dispatch rates are very affordable and economical. Our rates start at $60.00 for same day service to various towns and cities in Alberta.

What surrounding areas do you deliver item/s to?

'MC' Dispatch provides delivery service to Edmonton and surrounding areas such as Sherwood Park, Ardrossan, Beaumont, Leduc, Nisku, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, Morinville, and many others locations surrounding Edmonton.

Does 'MC' Dispatch provide service to other towns and cities in Alberta?

'MC' Dispatch provides delivery servicez to any location throughout Alberta. Just to name a few locations: Athabasca, Airdrie, Camrose, Calgary, Edson, Fort McMurray, Grand Prairie, High Prairie, Lloydminster, Mayorthorpe, Peace River, Red Deer, and Whitecourt.

Does 'MC' Dispatch provide warehousing for products?

'MC' Dispatch has two multi use warehousing facilities wherein you can store your product/s. There are no long term lease contracts. We will store your product/s for a day, week, month, a year. However, long you require your product/s to be held we will store them.

Can 'MC' Dispatch have products delivered on airlines?

Yes, 'MC' Dispatch offers (NFO) Next Flight Out Services. We will have your product/s shipped to any major airline and put on the next flight out to the destination that you require. Upon arrival, we will have one of our partners pick up your product/s and delivered to its final destination.

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