Province Wide Daily Runs

'MC' Dispatch offers daily runs to various locations throughout Alberta, for an extremely economical rate. With multiple businesses dealing with various other businesses in our province or their parent companies in other locations in Alberta, the need for items to be shipped to other locations is required very often. We offer exceptional courier services with efficiency, insurance, care and confidentiality. 'MC' Dispatch can provide a province wide delivery to you just one time, if that's all that is required, or on a regular basis.

province wide alberta courier deliveries

From one major city to another. Edmonton, Alberta, to Calgary, Alberta, we can deliver your item, same day for as low as $85.00. If you require an item from Calgary, Alberta, to Edmonton, Alberta, we can do that also. Same day, same low rate starting at $85.00.

This is our starting rate for all of our province wide daily runs. With 'MC' Dispatch being in business for 45 years we provide excellent rates, with confidence and efficiency.

Here is a list of all the locations that we offer you province wide:

Call today, and have your delivery dropped off today.

Logistics & Warehousing

Calgary - province wide alberta courier deliveries


'MC' Dispatch manages a facility specifically dedicated to general warehousing. This service is when 'MC' Dispatch will hold onto your products in our multi-used facility alongside products from other clients of ours.

Cost Effective with No Contracts

Whether you need your product held by 'MC' Dispatch warehousing for 5 days or 5 months, we will save you money and ensure your products are secure. With 'MC' Dispatch warehousing, you will not have to sign any warehouse leasing agreements or rental agreements. No reason to commit to a fixed square footage of space. We are flexible and will allow you to change your storage requirements to fit your business needs, daily.

One Stop Service

'MC' Dispatch can hold your envelopes, small boxes/parcels or skids of products. No package is too small or too large for us to manage.

Alongside of holding your products in our warehouse, we can then assist with delivering the products when required. 'MC' Dispatch, will then transport your products in a safe, secure and cost effective manner. Regardless of the size of product, we can deliver your items with small cars, medium size SUV's, large vans, 1 & 5 tonne trucks, and flatbeds trailers. 'MC' Dispatch will always deliver.

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