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MC Dispatch is Calgary Courier Company Offering Local Shipping Services — Plus Daily Runs Between Edmonton and Calgary

If you or your company makes a lot of deliveries, you know how annoying it can be. If you decide to drive it yourself, you end up wasting a lot of your time that could have been better spent doing something else.

Things get even more complicated when you need to deliver to another city, such as going from Edmonton to Calgary. Sure, you can send it through the mail, that can be expensive and take multiple days (or longer) to be delivered.

However, there is a better way. We offer a province-wide courier service that can make delivering packages of all kinds much easier and simpler.

Benefits of Using a Province-Wide Courier

So what are the benefits of using a province-wide courier in Alberta? Well, there are several. These include:

  • Saving time and money over traditional options such as delivering yourself or shipping in the mail.
  • It can make life easier for your customers as you are in charge of the deliveries yourself, not the postal service, who have been known for delays or late deliveries.
  • With a courier on your team, you will soon develop a reputation for quick deliveries and great customer service.
  • You won't have to buy your own vehicles for deliveries or waste gas in the vehicles you do have.

Couriers are Becoming More Technological than Ever Before

While you might think a courier is just a person or company giving a parcel to someone to deliver, that isn't the case. Nowadays, a lot of technology goes into courier services. This includes GPS and dispatching software that makes the whole operation accurately managed, tracked and extremely efficient.

If you are in need of a province-wide courier in Alberta for your business or just personal deliveries, don't be afraid to reach out and get in touch.

Other Calgary Courier Services

We also provide same-day courier, scheduled deliveries, next flight out, hot shot, and messenger services in Calgary:

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